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So many things have happened lately…

Ok let me try to gather my thoughts and shrink them in a few words. First and foremost, my Second Life friend Summer Seale gave me around 400 prims on her sim to let me re-build “What’s this art?” gallery [link] . The exhibition is called “Digital Thoughts” in which I show some of my cyberpunk pictures [link] .
If you’re on Second Life, click on this link to go teleport there: [link]

Then, for some reason, the gallery got featured [link] on Second Life’s destinations website: [link]

And a month later the gallery got featured for about 5 days in the editor’s picks [link] , which brought a truckload of different people from all over the world. From that, some people have asked me to do commission works for them (don’t ask please, I’m not good at that… really, I mean it), and some asked me to do an exhibition on their sim. I accepted one in which I’m showing some of my darkest works: [link] (there is a teleport link underneath the image). My partner and I built this place together, but she should be fully credited for the whole built as she brought up the general idea.

Besides that, I’ve been asked to show my works at Ooogabooga Art Gallery [link] with other artists like CapCat Ragu [link] , Wise Sandalwood [link] , Anna Anton [link] , Shmoo Snook [link] , Nat Montagne, Jackson Xaron & Kaly McCallen [link] (who is the owner of this gallery). The original gallery has recently moved there: [link] and I’ll soon have images there again.

Anyways… Thank you to those who are making things happening.

Crystal Rehula